Top 5 facts about garage doors

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There is quite a lot of information about garage doors that is worth knowing. Whether you want to buy garage doors or you’re just searching for garage doors in Kent & Medway, it might be helpful to know some of the most interesting facts about garage doors, they might just help your judgment when you’re choosing your next garage door for your property.

Different garage door brands will have different features and uses, but here are five interesting facts about garage doors that you probably didn’t know.

1 – The Lifespan Of The Torsion Spring On A Garage Door

A torsion spring helps the garage door remain in place when the door is opened and closed. The torsion spring on a garage door has an average lifespan of around 9-10 years depending on how well you maintain your garage door. This equates to around 13,500-15,000 open and close motions of the garage door in an average home. If you want to ensure the torsion spring lasts long, be sure to service your garage door regularly.

2 – Garage Doors Can Last Up To 20 Years

Depending on what garage door brands are used, some garage doors can potentially last up to 20 years, provided that they are of course properly maintained and serviced regularly. Be sure to buy garage doors and use garage door brands that are of good quality to ensure longevity.

3 – A Garage Door Is A Home’s Heaviest Part That Moves

A garage door can weigh anywhere from 150lbs to over 300lbs depending on which garage door brands you install in your home. This makes the garage door the heaviest moving part of your home. If you need a garage door installer in Kent & Medway, why not give us a call on 01634 387701 or email us

4 – A Garage Door Is Really Convenient

A very obvious fact, but a garage door is super convenient for access to both your home and your garage. Lots of people choose to enter their home via their garage door, especially when they park their vehicle inside their garage. Provided the garage door is connected to the house, you can easily enter your home from your garage.

5 – Early Garage Doors Used To Open Like Traditional Barn Doors

Rolling and electric garage doors are a fairly modern phenomenon. Garage doors used to open outwards like traditional barn doors, which caused a lot of inconvenient issues and required a lot of space to open.

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